Havertown Hoops Instructional League Rules

Havertown Hoops Instructional League Official Rules

All Havertown Hoops rules apply, plus the amended below:

  • Rule 1: Court and Equipment
    1. 2nd-4th grade boys & girls will play on nine-foot (9’) baskets.
    2. 2nd-4th grade boys & girls will play with a size 28.5 basketball.


  • Rule 2: Game Time
    1. Games are two (2), 20-minute halves.
      • Running clock except the last one (1) minute of each half and overtime.


  • Rule 3: Press Rule
    1. NO PRESS allowed beyond the foul line extended.


  • Rule 4: Three (3) Point Rule
    1. 2nd-4th grade boys & girls, there are NO three-point (3) baskets. Any shot made from beyond the three-point (3) line will count for zero (0) points, except in the final two (2) minutes of the game, where it will count for three (3) points.


  • Other Modified Rules:
    1. Must play player-to-player (man-to-man) defense.
    2. No stealing the ball from any player dribbling the basketball
    3. When on offense, each team needs to pass the ball three (3) times each possession before attempting a shot
    4. Each team should follow the league-mandated offense.
    5. As the season progresses, the coaches may add a few plays and the commissioner may decide to remove some of the above rules.


Havertown Hoops Official Rules


All rules not covered by this supplement shall be governed by current PIAA rules/regulations in our leagues:


  • Rule 1: General
    1. All players must begin the game void of jewelry (including but not limited to; rings, belts, watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.)
    2. It is the responsibility of the coach to closely supervise their team before, during, and after games/practices.
    3. The schools are closed to all players and observers except for the gyms and appropriate restroom facilities.
    4. Players that are not registered with Havertown Hoops may not be in the gyms at any time during practice and games.
    5. Coaches who are going to miss a scheduled game are to find a replacement coach for that game, if you cannot, let the league commissioners know and adhere to the forfeit rules.
    6. If a practice is canceled due to inclement weather, it is the responsibility of the coach(s) to notify his/her players. There is no practice or games when school is canceled or not in session.  Cancelations will be posted to TeamSnap as soon as possible.


  • Rule 2: Substitutions
    1. Substitutions:
      • Everyone should receive equal playing time, including in playoff games.
      • If all 10 players show up, each should play 20 minutes (one half).
      • Subbing will occur at five (5) minute intervals during each half. Coaches must have their subs ready to enter the game before the stoppage.
        1. Substitution charts are available on our website or upon request.


  • Rule 3: Scoring and Timing Regulations
    1. Running clock except:
      • When a timeout (team or official) is called
      • Last 1 minute of second half and overtime.
      •  Timeouts:
        1. Two 30-second timeouts per half & one timeout per overtime period - no carryover.
    2.  Forfeits:
      • Teams must have five players to start a game, but can finish with less. If both coaches agree to play with less than five (minimum four), it will NOT count as a forfeit.
      • Games will start no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled time.
        1. You must give the league commissioners at least 24 hours’ notice to avoid forfeit.
        2. Even with a notice, we don’t guarantee we will make up all games.
        3. A single forfeit will not necessarily eliminate a team from playoffs.
    3.  Scoring:
      • 2 points – shot anywhere on or within the three-point arc
      • 3 points – shot anywhere from beyond the three-point arc
      • 1 point – shot from the free throw line


  • Rule 4: Fouls
    1. General: Unless stated otherwise, when a penalty for a foul includes the ball being awarded or a throw-in, the throw-in spot shall be the spot out of bounds nearest to where the foul occurred
    2. Six (6) personal fouls result in the removal of a player from that game.
    3. Teams shoot 1-and-1 on the 7th team foul and two shots on the 10th team foul.
    4. Technical Foul
      • The offended team receives 2 points and the ball at the half court line.
    5. Intentional or Flagrant Foul
      • The offended team receives 2 points and the ball.
      • If flagrant (intent to injure or dangerous), the offending player is disqualified.


If you have any questions on Havertown Hoops, please refer to Chris or Staci at havhoops1@gmail.com or check out our website at havertownhoops.com.

As coaches please keep in mind that the games are “For the Kids”.  Focus on teaching the players and not displaying a win at all cost attitude.  Remember that this is a Rec League so teach team play and let the kids play and have fun.

There is a mandatory substitution at every 5-minute interval of each half. All players on the bench MUST sub into the game. This is the only time a player can enter the game unless a player has fouled out or is injured. No player can sit out consecutive intervals. The sub rule resets at the second half. The substitution is not a time out. Coaches need to have the players who are on the bench, ready to go. Coaches will have 15 seconds to get their players in and inbound the ball.