Scorekeeping Opportunities

Scorekeepers are essential for our league to run successfully.  If interested, please fill out the contact form.  We have opportunities in our Summer and Winter Havertown Hoops Leagues and Spring and Fall Adult Basketball leagues

  • *Must be at least 16 years old*

Below are the responsibilities of scorekeeping.

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Havertown Hoops Scorekeeping Responsibilities 


  • Each scorekeeper will be provided a scorebook, scoreboard, and table (if need be)
  • Locations: Manoa, Chestnutwold, Coopertown, Haverford Boys School, CREC
  • The official schedule will be shared with each scorekeeper, including the referees at each game

Before each game:

  1. Write the date, location and team name for the two teams playing
  2. Write down the numbers on shirts for players on each team

During each game:

  1. Record the running score after each basket is made with slash marks, then update the scoreboard to reflect the made points
  2. Referees will signal each basket, (2 or 3 points).  It is easier to keep track of baskets instead of individual points when there are discrepancies
  3. When the half ends for each game, record the total points for both teams
  4. When an official calls a foul, they will blow the whistle to stop play
    • Put a slash mark next to the number player provided by the referee, also make note if it is a technical foul
    • At the bottom of the page there is a row to keep track of team fouls
      • Each player foul is a team foul
      • Officials and coaches will ask about this total, make sure to keep it updated
    • Team fouls reset at the half, player fouls do not
    • On the 7th team foul of either half, the opposing team will shoot a 1 and 1
    • On the 10th team foul of either half, the opposing team will shoot 2 free throw shots
    • Every foul needs to be updated on the scoreboard
  5. When a team calls a time-out, there is a space at the bottom of the page to record
    • Each team is awarded 2 time-outs per half, no carry over and 1 in the overtime period, no carryover

At the end of each game:

  1. The scores for both teams need to be totaled and recorded
  2. Once the scores are totaled, a picture of the scorebook needs to be sent to Chris and Staci for each game
    • It is easiest to do right after each game or at the end of the night
  3. If a coach or player is ejected from the game, both Chris and Staci need to know
    • This could be result of 2 technical fouls or inappropriate behavior


Keeping the official scorebook at basketball games is an important, but often thankless job.  The only time most people notice the person keeping the scorebook is if there is a mistake or problem.  Keep in mind, an official game cannot be played unless there is an official scorebook.

You are doing a great service to the players and coaches by keeping the scorebook.  They might not thank you, but you get a big thank you from Staci and I!