Havertown Hoops Winter League

We will have separate winter intramural leagues for boys in grades 2-12 and for girls in grades 2-8.

Registration for Havertown Hoops Winter League will be open on September 5th.  Registration closes on Wednesday, November 16.

  • We accept individual registration only and space is limited.
  • There's a $20 discount if you register before October 13.
  • Fee includes team shirt.

Players will be evaluated and placed on teams.  Evaluations will be held on Saturday, November 18 and Sunday, November 19 at the CREC.  Evaluation information will be emailed prior to the start of the season.  League play will begin the week of November 28.

*New for 2025* - Players that are not in attendance for evaluations will be placed onto teams by the Havertown Hoops staff.  No coaches will be able to draft these players and requests will not be taken.

Player requests - Havertown Hoops does not guarantee team/player requests under any circumstances.  If you complete this REQUEST FORM, we will try to accommodate as many of the requests as we can.

COACHES NEEDED - Teams will be coached by parent volunteers.  To volunteer to coach, please complete this COACHING FORM.  Reach out to havhoops1@gmail.com to ask about our coaching incentive.


Projected schedule and days of play:

  • 4th Grade Boys - Sundays, 11am-12pm
  • 5th&6th Grade Boys AND Girls - Fridays, 6-9pm
  • 7th-9th Grade Girls - Tuesdays, 7-9pm
  • 7th&8th Grade Boys - Sundays, 12-1pm
  • 9th&10th Grade Boys - Thursdays, 6:30-9:30pm
  • 11th&12th Grade Boys - Mondays, 8-10pm

Havertown Hoops 2nd-4th Grade Boys & Girls Instructional League

*Fall/Winter Season Only*

This instructional league is a great way for beginners and developing players to learn the game of basketball.  Instruction focuses on individual skills, positions and team strategy with modified rules to promote development and learning.  Players will be evaluated and placed on teams. Separate leagues for boys and girls.

*Volunteer Coaches Needed*

The program will meet on Saturdays at Coopertown Elementary and every other Wednesday evening at Manoa Elementary. The Schedule will be sent out to parents from the league commissioner: Mike DePrince.


2nd-4th Grade League Rules

  • Havertown Hoops rules apply, plus the rules amended for this league in the attachment.