Background Clearance Information

In 2014 as part of PA Act 153, the state of Pennsylvania passed a law for background check solutions to keep our youth safe.  This law helps to ensure that any adults who come in contact with children, either paid employees or unpaid volunteers, complete a comprehensive, and regularly updated, child abuse and criminal background check.

There are three background checks that must be performed in order to receive a PA Act 153 Clearance:

  1. Criminal History Record from the PA State Police (PATCH) system.
  2. Child Abuse Clearance obtained through the Department of Public Welfare
  3. FBI Fingerprint screening (this does not include volunteers with a ten-year consistent PA residence)

All adult volunteers must now obtain additional clearances from: 1) the PA State Police, and 2) the PA Department of Human Services. Additionally, volunteers that have resided in PA continuously for the last 10 years must also complete a "Background Check Signature Form" which affirms their 10 year PA residency, and also affirms that they have not been convicted of certain crimes as outlined on the form.

Every year we are in need of coaches for every division All coaches, head and assistants must complete a background check.

In an effort to protect the children who participate in programs sanctioned by and all related activities associated with Haverford Township.  The criminal background screening is mandatory, no exceptions.


All candidates for the above-mentioned positions must sign a Release Form for Criminal History which gives URA the right to check criminal history records and verify social security numbers. This will be executed directly, via our partners at Protect Youth Sports.  No other personal information will be checked or researched.  This is a two-step process and each step must be completed.

*If you completed any/all of your clearances within the last five years, please email*